Myrmex's World Map Project

In an effort to help the inter-oceanic explorers out There, I set out to get a good map of all the islands and show their directional relationships. With the release of the new public beta, and the inclusion of the compass, I was finally able to finish this project. Below are several images I think will be helpful to anyone wanting to explore from one island to another.

All of these images are based off a screenshot I took from a drop point I have HIGH above Tyr. It took several tries (mostly to overcome 'server burps') but I managed to hoverpack about 20 hours above the Boneyard. I haven't timed the free fall yet, but I'll modify this page with the time when I do.

Click for a full size image
This is the base screen shot I used, with the islands labeled. I had to guesstimate where Egypt is because I was too high to see it. I also had to increase the size of the image to allow for labels and the additional bits I've added in the next few images. Basically, it's the original screen capture with 100 extra pixels on the right and the bottom.

Click for a full size image
This is the same image, but I took the map images from the There Map pages and pasted them in to show the orientation of the islands. I aligned the compass in the corner of each island image with the compass in the screenshot. I didn't bother with Saja because you end up on the island below Saja if you buggy or board across the ocean, and that's just a big circle anyway.

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This image shows the relative paths and direction from each island to the others. As you can see, it's almost a straight shot East from the Boneyard to Monkey Crater, and directly Northwest from the northern point of Cangrejo to Saja.

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I added the island alignment images to the image with the paths to illustrate where on each island the marked paths start and end.

I also decided to do some rough distance estimates. I have to remind you that these estimates are VERY rough guesses. Basically, I used the scale included in the There Map image for Tyr and measured the width of Tyr (approximately 9km from north to south). I then measured the pixel width of Tyr in the base screenshot. That gave me a rough estimate of 17 pixels in the image for every 9km in There. I applied that ratio to the length of paths between the different islands and came up with these numbers:

Tyr to Tiki - 320km

Tyr to Saja - 181km

Saja to Cangrejo - 260km

Again, these distances are rough estimates and rely on the scale representation in There Maps being accurate. I hope this information helps anyone who wants to explore the oceans.